What is my Chrome version?

Google Chrome is keeping updated every month. Here is the simplest way to check your chrome version online.

Are you kidding? Your browser is not Google Chrome.

Or you can try...:

Version Date New Features
572017-03 CSS grid layout
Improved "Add to Home" screen
Media Session API (Application Programming Interface)
562017-01 HTML5 enabled by default
Adobe Flash Player is automatically blocked for most sites that require the plugin
Labeling of unsecured HTTP sites
552016-12 The History page has changed and is no longer in "Settings"
Flash Player is now off by default for most sites
It's impossible to disable Material Design
542016-10 "Other bookmarks" tab has changed appearance
The message "Right-click to play Adobe Flash Player" now appears while pages with Adobe Flash Player are loading.
532016-08 New browser's inside look, including a new bookmark
'Simplify page' option removed from 'Save as PDF'.
Shadow DOM v1