Horror level:

What is "Zalgo" Text?

A + ͛  = A͛
A + ͛  + ̂  = A͛̑
A + ͛  + ̂  + ̥  = Ḁ͛̑
A + ͛  + ̂  + ̥  + ̰  = Ḁ̰͛̑

These text were concatenated by using "combining characters code". The range is U+0300 ~ U+036F. Single character of code can concatenate with multiple "combining characters code". Zalgo text also called "scary text" or "glitch" text. People like to use different styles of text which looks scary but recognizable.In this web app, we also add some Cyrillic language codes to make your text more cool. You can copy and paste to anywhere to make "creepypasta".

What is "Zalgo"?

Zalgo is a virtual character, representing the ruined king and demons of the online world. The right hand holds the planet of death, the candle in the left hand holds the light of the shadow, and there are seven mouths on the face, as long as the text picture contaminated by it appears. Weird words. When zalgo approaches, the surrounding people will have a black hole in their eyes and say "He comes!"