Sometimes it is difficult for people to make decisions. Then make a list of existing options or candidates, and then randomly select one from them. In this case, you can use our tool to make decisions. Simple and fun.

Random number generator

Discover our easy-to-use Random Number Generator web app, perfect for generating numbers within a specified range. Customize, save settings, and dive into the world of chance with just a click.

Draw lots

This online application can make multiple names into cards or slips of paper, and then let people choose randomly.

Random list generator

This is a web application that randomly sorts multiple items in a list. Items in the list can be names, raffles, ID or numbers.

Flip a coin

Flip a coin online. Heads or tails. 3d animation of real coins.

Roll dice

A dice roller. This is an online dice tool, it provides graceful 3D animation. Good luck!