Pomodoro Timer

Boost Your Productivity with the Pomodoro Timer. Achieve more with focused work sessions and regular breaks. Customize your timer and track your progress easily.


Sometimes it is difficult for people to make decisions. Then make a list of existing options or candidates, and then randomly select one from them. In this case, you can use our tool to make decisions. Simple and fun.


Track Scores for Sports and Games

Random number generator

Discover our easy-to-use Random Number Generator web app, perfect for generating numbers within a specified range. Customize, save settings, and dive into the world of chance with just a click.

Digital clock

This is a big clock which display time in fullscreen. This online application can be used for events, games, matches, classroom lessons, speeches and debates, and more.

Draw lots

This online application can make multiple names into cards or slips of paper, and then let people choose randomly.


Can be used to count people, score, or count mouse clicks.

Countdown timer

Online web application without any installation.


stopwatch status which can be saved and shared