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Emoji Meaning Copy and Paste
Black large squareCopy
◼️Black medium squareCopy
Black medium small squareCopy
▪️Black small squareCopy
Medium black circleCopy
🖤Black heartCopy
🌑New moon symbolCopy
🌚New moon with faceCopy
🕴️Man in business suit levitatingCopy
♟️Chess pawnCopy
🎩Top hatCopy
🎓Graduation capCopy
🕶️Dark sunglassesCopy
🏴Waving black flagCopy
🏴‍☠️Pirate flagCopy
♠️Black spade suitCopy
♣️Black club suitCopy
👁️‍🗨️I am a witnessCopy
🐈‍⬛Black catCopy
🐦‍⬛Black birdCopy
🐃Water buffaloCopy
🐺Wolf faceCopy
🐾Paw printsCopy

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