The symbols with wheels are collected here.

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Emoji Meaning Copy and Paste
🏎️Racing carCopy
🚍Oncoming busCopy
πŸš’Fire engineCopy
πŸš“Police carCopy
πŸš”Oncoming police carCopy
πŸš–Oncoming taxiCopy
🚘Oncoming automobileCopy
πŸš™Recreational vehicleCopy
🚚Delivery truckCopy
πŸš›Articulated lorryCopy
πŸ›»Pickup truckCopy
πŸ›΅Motor scooterCopy
πŸ›ΊAuto rickshawCopy
🦼Motorized wheelchairCopy
🦽Manual wheelchairCopy
🏍️Racing motorcycleCopy
β›½Fuel pumpCopy
πŸš₯Horizontal traffic lightCopy
🚦Vertical traffic lightCopy

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