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𓃠(^._.^)(^・ェ・^) (=^・ω・^=)(^・x・^) (=‐ω‐=)ฅ•ω•ฅ(ΦωΦ)(˃ᆺ˂)ミ๏v๏彡(=‘x‘=)

Emoji Meaning Copy and Paste
😺Smiling cat face with open mouthCopy
😸Grinning cat face with smiling eyesCopy
😹Cat face with tears of joyCopy
😻Smiling cat face with heart-shaped eyesCopy
😼Cat face with wry smileCopy
😽Kissing cat face with closed eyesCopy
🙀Weary cat faceCopy
😿Crying cat faceCopy
😾Pouting cat faceCopy
🐱Cat faceCopy
🐯Tiger faceCopy
🐈‍⬛Black catCopy

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