We collected all hand related emoji here, include some gesture emoji.

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Emoji Meaning Copy and Paste
✌️Victory handCopy
🫰Hand with index finger and thumb crossedCopy
🤞Fingers crossedCopy
🖖Raised hand with part between middle and ring fingersCopy
🤘Sign of the hornsCopy
🤙Call me hand signCopy
💪Flexed bicepsCopy
👈White left pointing backhand indexCopy
👉White right pointing backhand indexCopy
🫳Palm down handCopy
🫴Palm up handCopy
☝️White up pointing indexCopy
👆White up pointing backhand indexCopy
🖕Reversed hand with middle finger extendedCopy
👇White down pointing backhand indexCopy
🖐️Raised hand with fingers splayedCopy
Raised handCopy
👌Ok hand signCopy
👍Thumbs up signCopy
👎Thumbs down signCopy
Raised fistCopy
👊Fisted hand signCopy
🤛Left-facing fistCopy
🤜Right-facing fistCopy
🤚Back of handCopy
👋Waving hand signCopy
🤟Love-you gestureCopy
🤏Pinching handCopy
🤌Pinched fingersCopy
🫲Leftward handCopy
🫱Rightward handCopy
🫵Index pointing at the viewerCopy
✍️Writing handCopy
👏Clapping hands signCopy
🫶Heart handsCopy
👐Open hands signCopy
🙌Person raising both hands in celebrationCopy
🤲Palms together facing upCopy
🫷Leftwards pushing handCopy
🫸Rightwards pushing handCopy
🥊Boxing gloveCopy
🙏Person with folded handsCopy
💅Nail polishCopy
🦾Mechanical armCopy
🤗Hugging faceCopy
🤔Thinking faceCopy
😱Face screaming in fearCopy
🤫Shushing faceCopy
🤭Face with hand over mouth and smiling eyesCopy
🫢Face with open eyes and hand over mouthCopy
🫡Saluting faceCopy
🫣Face with peeking eyeCopy
🤷‍♀️Woman shruggingCopy
🤷‍♂️Man shruggingCopy
🙅‍♀️Woman gesturing noCopy
🙅‍♂️Man gesturing noCopy
🙆‍♂️Man gesturing OKCopy
🙆‍♀️Woman gesturing OKCopy
💁‍♂️Information desk manCopy
💁‍♀️Information desk womanCopy
🙋‍♂️Man raising one handCopy
🙋‍♀️Woman raising one handCopy
🤦‍♂️Man facepalmingCopy
🤦‍♀️Woman facepalmingCopy

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