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Emoji Plain Text meaning Copy and Paste
Warning signCopy
High voltage signCopy
Skull and crossbonesCopy
Biohazard signCopy
Radioactive signCopy
🚧Construction signCopy
🚸Children crossingCopy
🈲Squared ideograph prohibitationCopy
No entryCopy
🚫No entry signCopy
🚷No pedestriansCopy
🚯Do not litter symbolCopy
🚳No bicyclesCopy
🚱Non-potable water symbolCopy
🔞No one under eighteen symbolCopy
📵No mobile phonesCopy
🚭No smoking symbolCopy
Cross markCopy
🙅‍♀️Woman gesturing not okCopy
🙅Face with no good gestureCopy
🙅‍♂️Man gesturing not okCopy
Raised handCopy
White up pointing indexCopy

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