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Emoji Meaning Copy and Paste
📩Envelope with downwards arrow aboveCopy
📨Incoming envelopeCopy
📧E-mail symbolCopy
💌Love letterCopy
📪Closed mailbox with lowered flagCopy
📫Closed mailbox with raised flagCopy
📬Open mailbox with raised flagCopy
📭Open mailbox with lowered flagCopy
📯Postal hornCopy
📥Inbox trayCopy
📤Outbox trayCopy
📃Page with curlCopy
🏣Japanese post officeCopy
🏤European post officeCopy
🚚Delivery truckCopy
🖊️Lower left ballpoint penCopy
🖋️Lower left fountain penCopy
✒️Black nibCopy
🖌️Lower left paintbrushCopy

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