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🔢Input symbol for numbersCopy
0️⃣Keycap digit zeroCopy
1️⃣Keycap digit oneCopy
2️⃣Keycap digit twoCopy
3️⃣Keycap digit threeCopy
4️⃣Keycap digit fourCopy
5️⃣Keycap digit fiveCopy
6️⃣Keycap digit sixCopy
7️⃣Keycap digit sevenCopy
8️⃣Keycap digit eightCopy
9️⃣Keycap digit nineCopy
🔟Keycap tenCopy
Heavy plus signCopy
Heavy minus signCopy
✖️Heavy multiplication xCopy
Heavy division signCopy
🟰Equals signCopy

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