These symbols can be used to express horrible, thriller, robbery, ghost moods.

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( ⁰д⁰)

Emoji Meaning Copy and Paste
😱Face screaming in fearCopy
😨Fearful faceCopy
😰Face with open mouth and cold sweatCopy
😯Hushed faceCopy
😦Frowning face with open mouthCopy
😧Anguished faceCopy
🤭Face with hand over mouth and smiling eyesCopy
🫣Face with peeking eyeCopy
🥺Pleading faceCopy
😣Persevering faceCopy
😖Confounded faceCopy
🙀Weary cat faceCopy
🫢Face with open eyes and hand over mouthCopy
🫣Face with peeking eyeCopy
🫨Shaking faceCopy
☠️Skull and crossbonesCopy

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