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This category includes a variety of commonly used symbols of life. Comprises a constellation of various shapes, symbols of love, religion, Park grams of licensing.You can easily copy and paste to anywhere. Emoji will be converted to different image icon on facebook and twitter. We also collect related text symbols.

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☮️peace symbolcopy
✝️Christian crosscopy
☪️star and crescentcopy
🕉om symbolcopy
☸️wheel of dharmacopy
✡️Star of Davidcopy
🔯six pointed star with middle dotcopy
☯️yin yangcopy
☦️orthodox crosscopy
🛐place of worshipcopy
🆔identification signcopy
atom symbolcopy
❤️red heartcopy
💛yellow heartcopy
💚green heartcopy
💙blue heartcopy
💜purple heartcopy
💔broken heartcopy
❣️red heart as an exclamation markcopy
💕two heartscopy
💞revolving heartscopy
💓beating heartcopy
💗growing heartcopy
💖sparkling heartcopy
💘heart with arrowcopy
💝heart with ribboncopy
💟heart decorationcopy
🈳Japanese sign meaning “vacancy”copy
🈹Japanese sign meaning “discount”copy
📴mobile phone offcopy
📳vibration modecopy
🈶Japanese sign meaning “not free of charge”copy
🈚️Japanese sign meaning “free of charge”copy
🈸Japanese sign meaning “application”copy
🈺Japanese sign meaning “open for business”copy
🈷️Japanese sign meaning “monthly amount”copy
✴️four pointed x patterncopy
🆚squared vscopy
🉑Japanese sign meaning “acceptable”copy
💮white flowercopy
🉐Japanese sign meaning “bargain”copy
㊙️Japanese sign meaning “secret”copy
㊗️Japanese sign meaning “congratulations”copy
🈴Japanese sign meaning “passing (grade)”copy
🈵Japanese sign meaning “full; no vacancy”copy
🈲Japanese sign meaning “prohibited”copy
🅰️blood type Acopy
🅱️blood type Bcopy
🆎blood type ABcopy
🆑CL signcopy
🅾️blood type Ocopy
🆘SOS signcopy
⛔️no entrycopy
📛name badgecopy
cross markcopy
⭕️circle markcopy
💢anger signcopy
♨️hot springscopy
🚷no pedestrianscopy
🚯no litteringcopy
🚳no bicyclescopy
🚱non-potable watercopy
🔞no one under eighteencopy
📵no mobile phonescopy
❗️red exclamation markcopy
white exclamation markcopy
red question markcopy
white question markcopy
‼️red double exclamation markcopy
⁉️red exclamation mark and question markcopy
💯hundred points symbolcopy
🔅low brightness symbolcopy
🔆high brightness symbolcopy
🔱trident emblemcopy
〽️part alternation markcopy
🚸children crossingcopy
🔰Japanese symbol for beginnercopy
♻️recycling symbolcopy
🈯️Japanese sign meaning “reserved”copy
💹chart with upwards trend and yen signcopy
✳️eight spoked asteriskcopy
x markcopy
check markcopy
💠diamond shape with a dot insidecopy
double curly loopcopy
🌐globe with meridianscopy
Ⓜ️circled letter mcopy
🏧atm signcopy
🈂️Japanese sign meaning “service” or “service charge”copy
🛂passport controlcopy
🛄baggage claimcopy
🛅left luggagecopy
♿️wheelchair symbolcopy
🚭no smoking symbolcopy
🚾water closetcopy
🅿️parking signcopy
🚰water faucetcopy
🚹men’s symbolcopy
🚺women’s symbolcopy
🚼baby symbolcopy
🚮put litter in its place symbolcopy
🎦cinema symbolcopy
📶signal strength symbolcopy
🈁Japanese word sign meaning “here”copy
🆖no good signcopy
🆗OK signcopy
🆙up signcopy
🆒cool signcopy
🆕new signcopy
🆓free signcopy
0️⃣keycap digit zerocopy
1️⃣Keycap digit onecopy
2️⃣Keycap digit twocopy
3️⃣Keycap digit threecopy
4️⃣Keycap digit fourcopy
5️⃣Keycap digit fivecopy
6️⃣Keycap digit sixcopy
7️⃣Keycap digit sevencopy
8️⃣Keycap digit eightcopy
9️⃣Keycap digit ninecopy
🔟keycap tencopy
🔢input symbol for numberscopy
▶️right-pointing trianglecopy
pause symbolcopy
play/pause symbolcopy
stop symbolcopy
record symbolcopy
skip forward symbolcopy
skip backward symbolcopy
fast forward symbolcopy
rewind symbolcopy
🔀shuffle tracks symbolcopy
🔁repeat symbolcopy
🔂repeat single track symbolcopy
◀️left-pointing trianglecopy
🔼up-pointing trianglecopy
🔽down-pointing trianglecopy
up-pointing double trianglecopy
down-pointing double trianglecopy
➡️right arrowcopy
⬅️left arrowcopy
⬆️up arrowcopy
⬇️down arrowcopy
↗️up-right arrowcopy
↘️down-right arrowcopy
↙️down-left arrowcopy
↖️up-left arrowcopy
↕️up-down arrowcopy
↔️left-right arrowcopy
🔄counter-clockwise arrowscopy
↪️left arrow curving rightcopy
↩️right arrow curving leftcopy
⤴️right arrow curving upcopy
⤵️right arrow curving downcopy
#️⃣number signcopy
*️⃣keycap asteriskcopy
ℹ️information sourcecopy
🔤input symbol for letterscopy
🔡input symbol for lowercase letterscopy
🔠input symbol for uppercase letterscopy
🔣input symbol for symbolscopy
🎵musical notecopy
🎶musical notescopy
〰️wavy dashcopy
curly loopcopy
🔃clockwise vertical arrowscopy
plus symbolcopy
minus symbolcopy
division symbolcopy
✖️multiplication symbolcopy
💲dollar signcopy
💱currency exchangecopy
©️copyright signcopy
®️registered signcopy
™️trade mark signcopy
🔚end arrowcopy
🔙back arrowcopy
🔛on! arrowcopy
🔝top arrowcopy
🔜soon arrowcopy
☑️ballot box with checkcopy
🔘radio buttoncopy
⚪️white circlecopy
⚫️black circlecopy
🔴red circlecopy
🔵blue circlecopy
🔸small orange diamondcopy
🔹small blue diamondcopy
🔶large orange diamondcopy
🔷large blue diamondcopy
🔺red triangle pointed upcopy
▪️black small squarecopy
▫️white small squarecopy
⬛️black large squarecopy
⬜️white large squarecopy
🔻red triangle pointed downcopy
◼️black medium squarecopy
◻️white medium squarecopy
◾️black medium small squarecopy
◽️white medium small squarecopy
🔲black square buttoncopy
🔳white square buttoncopy
🔉speaker with medium volumecopy
🔊speaker with high volumecopy
🔇muted speakercopy
📣cheering megaphonecopy
📢public address loudspeakercopy
🔕muted bellcopy
🀄️mahjong tile red dragoncopy
♠️spade suitcopy
♣️club suitcopy
♥️heart suitcopy
♦️diamond suitcopy
🎴flower playing cardscopy
👁‍🗨I am a witnesscopy
💭thought ballooncopy
🗯angry speech bubblecopy
💬speech ballooncopy
🕐one o’clockcopy
🕑two o’clockcopy
🕒three o’clockcopy
🕓four o’clockcopy
🕔five o’clockcopy
🕕six o’clockcopy
🕖seven o’clockcopy
🕗eight o’clockcopy
🕘nine o’clockcopy
🕙ten o’clockcopy
🕚eleven o’clockcopy
🕛twelve o’clockcopy

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