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Emoji Meaning Copy and Paste
πŸ•°οΈMantelpiece clockCopy
⏳Hourglass with flowing sandCopy
⏰Alarm clockCopy
⏲️Timer clockCopy
πŸ•¦Clock face eleven-thirtyCopy
πŸ•§Clock face twelve-thirtyCopy
πŸ•›Clock face twelve oclockCopy
πŸ•€Clock face nine-thirtyCopy
πŸ•šClock face eleven oclockCopy
πŸ•œClock face one-thirtyCopy
πŸ•–Clock face seven oclockCopy
πŸ•“Clock face four oclockCopy
πŸ•”Clock face five oclockCopy
πŸ• Clock face five-thirtyCopy
πŸ•‘Clock face six-thirtyCopy
πŸ••Clock face six oclockCopy
πŸ•₯Clock face ten-thirtyCopy
πŸ•’Clock face seven-thirtyCopy
πŸ•£Clock face eight-thirtyCopy
πŸ•™Clock face ten oclockCopy
πŸ•’Clock face three oclockCopy
πŸ•‘Clock face two oclockCopy
πŸ•—Clock face eight oclockCopy
πŸ•žClock face three-thirtyCopy
πŸ•Clock face one oclockCopy
πŸ•Clock face two-thirtyCopy
πŸ•˜Clock face nine oclockCopy
πŸ•ŸClock face four-thirtyCopy

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