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Text symbol Meaning Copy and Paste
𓀞 man with one arm pointing forward
𓀟 hastening man
𓀠 man with hands raised on either side
𓀡 man upside down
𓀢 man with hands raised in front
𓀣 man with hands raised behind him
𓀤 man dancing with arms to the back
𓀥 man dancing with arms to the front
𓀦 man with stick and bundle on shoulder
𓀧 man pounding in a mortar
𓀨 man building wall
𓀩 man kneading into vessel
𓀪 man in vessel
𓀫 man holding necks of two emblematic animals with panther heads
𓀬 man on two giraffes
𓀀 seated man
𓀁 man with hand to mouth
𓀂 man sitting on heel
𓀃 seated man with hands raised
𓀄 crouching man hiding behind wall
𓀅 seated man hiding behind wall
𓀆 seated man under vase from which water flows
𓀇 seated man reaching for libation stone, under vase from which water flows
𓀈 seated man reaching down, under vase from which water flows
𓀉 fatigued man
𓀊 man performing hnw-rite
𓀋 man steadying basket on head
𓀌 seated man holding oar
𓀍 seated man holding scepter of authority and shepherd's crook
𓀎 soldier with bow and quiver
𓀏 man with arms tied behind his back
𓀐 falling man with blood streaming from his head
𓀑 man whose head is hit with an axe
𓀒 man falling
𓀓 man bowing down
𓀔 child sitting with hand to mouth
𓀕 child sitting with arms hanging down
𓀖 child wearing red crown
𓀗 bent man leaning on staff
𓀘 man leaning on forked staff
𓀙 man holding staff with handkerchief
𓀚 statue of man with staff and scepter of authority
𓀛 king with staff and mace with round head
𓀜 man striking with both hands
𓀝 man striking, with left arm hanging behind back
𓁁 seated man holding stick
𓁂 man holding loaf on mat
𓁃 man applying hoe to ground
𓁄 man threatening with stick
𓁅 man sowing seeds
𓁆 man looking over his shoulder
𓁇 asiatic
𓁈 king on throne holding staff
𓁉 man sitting on heels holding forward cup
𓁊 man wearing tunic with fringes and holding mace
𓁋 man holding sistrum
𓁌 dwarf
𓁍 man holding up knife
𓁎 seated man with raised right arm and left arm hanging down
𓁏 seated man with raised arms
𓁐 seated woman
𓁑 pregnant woman
𓁒 woman giving birth
𓁓 combination of woman giving birth and three skins tied together
𓁔 woman and child
𓁕 woman and child (simplified)
𓁖 woman on chair with child on lap
𓁗 queen wearing diadem and holding flower
𓁘 woman holding lotus flower
𓁙 woman holding sistrum
𓀭 seated god
𓀮 seated god with sceptre
𓀯 king with uraeus
𓀰 king with uraeus and flagellum
𓀱 king with uraeus and flagellum
𓀲 king wearing white crown
𓀳 king wearing white crown with sceptre
𓀴 king wearing red crown with flagellum
𓀵 king wearing red crown
𓀶 king wearing red crown with sceptre
𓀷 king wearing red crown with flagellum
𓀸 shepherd seated and wrapped in mantle, holding stick
𓀹 beardless man seated and holding knife
𓀺 seated Syrian holding stick
𓀻 noble on chair
𓀼 noble on chair with flagellum
𓀽 noble squatting with flagellum
𓀾 standing mummy
𓀿 lying mummy
𓁀 mummy on bed
𓁲 bes
𓁚 god with sun-disk and uraeus
𓁛 god with falcon head and sun-disk holding ankh
𓁜 god with falcon head and sun-disk
𓁟 god with ibis head
𓁠 god with ram head
𓁡 god with ram head holding ankh
𓁢 god with jackal head
𓁣 god with Seth-animal head
𓁤 ithyphallic god with two plumes, uplifted arm and flagellum
𓁥 goddess with horned sun-disk
𓁦 goddess with feather
𓁧 goddess with feather holding ankh
𓁨 god with arms supporting the sky and palm branch on head
𓁩 god with two plumes and scepter
𓁫 god with two plumes and scimitar
𓁭 god wearing red crown with ankh
𓁮 god with falcon head and two plumes
𓁯 squatting god
𓁰 mummy-shaped god
𓁱 mummy-shaped god in shrine
𓁳 god with falcon head and moon
𓁴 goddess with feline head and sun with uraeus
𓁵 god wearing red crown with scepter