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Monochrome Emoji offers a unique collection of standard emojis rendered in black and white by appending U+FE0E. This ensures compatibility across browsers, displaying them as simple, non-colored icons. Ideal for platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, where emojis are often shown in monochrome, enhancing visual consistency. If you prefer colorful emojis, please visit our collection of standard emojis here.
Text symbol Meaning Copy and Paste
☺︎ White smiling face
☹︎ White frowning face
☠︎ skull and crossbones
❣︎ heavy heart exclamation mark ornament
❤︎ heavy black heart
♠︎ Black spade suit
♥︎ black heart symbol. In video games, it means life, hit points or healing. it also implies happiness, or love, or lust. Stylistic substitution for the word "love".
♦︎ Black diamond suit
♣︎ Black club suit
♟︎ Black chess pawn. Eight chess pieces.
♨︎ hot springs
☀︎ black sun with rays
☁︎ cloud
☂︎ umbrella
❄︎ snowflake
☃︎ snowman
☄︎ comet
⌨︎ keyboard
⚖︎ Scales
⚗︎ Alembic
⚰︎ coffin
☢︎ radioactive sign
☣︎ biohazard sign
⬆︎ upwards black arrow
↗︎ north east arrow
➡︎ black rightwards arrow
↘︎ south east arrow
⬇︎ downwards black arrow
↙︎ south west arrow
⬅︎ leftwards black arrow
↖︎ north west arrow
↕︎ up down arrow
↔︎ left right arrow
↩︎ leftwards arrow with hook
↪︎ rightwards arrow with hook
✡︎ Star of David, a symbol of Judaism
☸︎ Wheel of Dharma, a symbol representing Buddhism
☯︎ Yin and yang, a Taoist symbol representing dualism
✝︎ latin cross
☦︎ orthodox cross
☪︎ Star and crescent, widely recognized as a symbol of Islam
☮︎ Peace symbol, often used in spiritual contexts but not exclusively religious
▶︎ black right-pointing triangle
◀︎ black left-pointing triangle
⏏︎ eject symbol
♀︎ female symbol
♂︎ male sign. mars planet.
⚧︎ transgender symbol
✖︎ heavy multiplication x
♾︎ Permanent paper sign
‼︎ Double Exclamation Mark
⁉︎ Exclamation Question Mark
♻︎ Black universal recycling symbol
⚜︎ Fleur-de-lis
☑︎ ballot box with check
✔︎ heavy check mark
✳︎ eight spoked asterisk
©︎ copyright symbol
®︎ registered trademark symbol
™︎ trademark symbol
▪︎ black small square
▫︎ white small square