Because–Therefore Symbols

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Therefore Symbol
The Therefore Symbol, denoted as ∴, is used to indicate a logical consequence or result from a given statement.
Because Symbol
The Because Symbol, denoted as ∵, is used in formal writing and mathematics to indicate a reason or cause.

What are the Because–Therefore Symbols?

The Because Symbol (∵) is used to signify a reason, while the Therefore Symbol (∴) implies a result or conclusion derived from a preceding statement.

Example of Using Because–Therefore Symbols

In a logical statement, one might say: "It is raining outside ∵ the ground is wet." and "The ground is wet ∴ it is raining outside."

Distinction Between Because and Therefore

The Because Symbol is used to state a reason, whereas the Therefore Symbol is used to indicate a consequence or result. In logical arguments, 'because' provides the premise, while 'therefore' presents the conclusion.

Applications of Because–Therefore Symbols

The Because–Therefore Symbols (∵ and ∴) have various applications:

  • Mathematics: Used in proofs and logical arguments to denote reasons and conclusions.
  • Formal Writing: Employed to concisely express causality and results.
  • Philosophy: Appears in philosophical arguments and deductions.

How to Type the Because–Therefore Symbols Using Keyboard Shortcuts, Alt Codes, and LaTeX

  • Windows: For "∵", hold down the Alt key and type 8757 on the numeric keypad. For "∴", use 8756.
  • Mac: These symbols may not have direct shortcuts. Use Character Viewer or insert from a symbols palette.
  • Linux: Press Ctrl + Shift + u, then type 2235 for "∴" and press Enter. For "∵", use 2234.
  • HTML: For "∵", use ∵ and for "∴", use ∴.
  • LaTeX: To type the Therefore Symbol, use \therefore and for the Because Symbol, use \because.

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Therefore SymbolBecause Symbol