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Hryvnia Sign
This is the official symbol for the hryvnia, the official currency of Ukraine.

What is the Hryvnia Sign?

The hryvnia sign, represented by ₴, is the official symbol for the hryvnia, the currency of Ukraine. The hryvnia is commonly abbreviated as "UAH".

Guidelines for Using the Hryvnia Sign

The Hryvnia sign, denoted as ₴, represents the official currency of Ukraine. When referring to amounts, especially in international transactions or communications, clarity is paramount. Always use the currency code "UAH" for further clarity in contexts with multiple currencies, e.g., ₴1,234.56 (UAH) vs. €1,000.23 (EUR).

  • Standard Format for Hryvnia: ₴1,234.56 This format is standard in Ukraine, with the currency symbol preceding the amount, a period as the decimal separator, and commas for thousands separators.
  • Symbol Placement: Standard: ₴50
  • Decimal Separator: Standard: period as decimal (₴4.99)
  • Thousands Separator: Standard in Ukraine: comma (₴1,234.56)
  • Spacing: Standard: No space between symbol and amount (₴50)
  • Official Currency Codes: Always use "UAH" for hryvnia and avoid other abbreviations.

Historical Note on the Hryvnia

The hryvnia has been in use since the early 1990s, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The name "hryvnia" is derived from a weight measure used in medieval Kievan Rus'.

How to Type the Hryvnia Sign Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Alt Codes

  • On Windows: The exact method can vary by keyboard layout, but often involves holding the Alt key and typing a code on the numeric keypad.
  • On Mac: Keyboard shortcuts can vary based on layout and localization.
  • On Linux: The exact method may vary by distribution and desktop environment. Often, there are compose key sequences or other input methods available.
  • For HTML coding: Use the named entity ₴ or the numeric entity ₴.

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Hryvnia Sign