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Indian Rupee Sign
This is the official symbol for the Indian rupee, the official currency of India.

What is the Indian Rupee Sign?

The Indian rupee sign, represented by ₹, is the official symbol for the Indian rupee, the currency of India. The symbol was introduced in 2010 and is derived from the Devanagari letter "र" (Ra). The horizontal line at the top can be seen as a representation of the Indian flag. The sign is also reminiscent of the Latin letter "R", which stands for "rupee".

The Indian rupee is the official currency of India. It has a storied history and has been in use since ancient times, with the earliest references dating back to the times of the Maurya Empire. The current decimalized system, dividing the rupee into 100 equal parts called "paise", was introduced post-independence, in 1957.

Guidelines for Using the Indian Rupee Sign

The Indian Rupee symbol, denoted as ₹, represents the official currency of India. When referring to amounts, especially in international transactions or communications, clarity is paramount. Always use the currency code "INR" for further clarity in contexts with multiple currencies, e.g., ₹1,234.56 (INR) vs. €1,000.23 (EUR).

  • Standard Format for Rupees: ₹1,234.56 This format is standard in India, with the currency symbol preceding the amount, a period as the decimal separator, and commas for thousands separators.
  • Symbol Placement: Standard: ₹50
  • Decimal Separator: Standard: period as decimal (₹4.99)
  • Thousands Separator: Standard in India: comma (₹1,234.56)
  • Spacing: Standard: No space between symbol and amount (₹50)
  • Official Currency Codes: Always use "INR" for Indian rupee and avoid other abbreviations.

Understanding Indian Rupee and Paise

The Indian currency system consists of both rupees and paise. Their relationship is as follows:

  • 1 paisa = ₹0.01
  • 100 paise = ₹1
  • ₹1 = 100 paise

For amounts less than one rupee, it's common to represent values in paise. However, due to inflation and decreasing value of small coins, transactions in paise are becoming rare. When values are one rupee or more, the Indian Rupee symbol, ₹, is used, e.g., ₹1.75.

How to Type the Indian Rupee Sign Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Alt Codes

  • On Windows: While not directly accessible, you can copy the symbol from the character map or use third-party software for the same.
  • On Mac: The rupee symbol may be available through specific keyboard layouts or can be copied from the character viewer.
  • On many Linux systems: The method may vary across distributions. Some may allow access to the symbol through the character map or similar tools.
  • For HTML coding: Use the named entity ₹ or the numeric entity ₹.

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Indian Rupee Sign