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฿ ฿
Thai Baht Symbol
This is the official symbol for the Thai Baht, the official currency of Thailand.

What is the Thai Baht Symbol?

The Thai Baht symbol, represented by ฿, is the official symbol for the Thai Baht, the currency of Thailand. The Baht is commonly referred to simply as "Baht" and is abbreviated as "THB".

Guidelines for Using the Thai Baht Symbol

The Thai Baht symbol, denoted as ฿, represents the official currency of Thailand. When referring to amounts, especially in international transactions or communications, clarity is paramount. Always use the currency code "THB" for further clarity in contexts with multiple currencies, e.g., ฿1,234.56 (THB) vs. €1,000.23 (EUR).

  • Standard Format for Baht: ฿1,234.56 This format is standard in Thailand, with the currency symbol preceding the amount, a period as the decimal separator, and commas for thousands separators.
  • Symbol Placement: Standard: ฿50
  • Decimal Separator: Standard: period as decimal (฿4.99)
  • Thousands Separator: Standard in Thailand: comma (฿1,234.56)
  • Spacing: Standard: No space between symbol and amount (฿50)
  • Official Currency Codes: Always use "THB" for Thai Baht and avoid other abbreviations.

Understanding the Thai Baht

The Thai Baht, like many other currencies, is divided into 100 smaller units called satang. Their relationship is as follows:

  • 1 satang = ฿0.01
  • 100 satang = ฿1

It's crucial to specify whether an amount is in baht or satang, especially in contexts that could lead to misunderstandings. Always aim for clarity in communications, particularly in financial transactions.

Historical Note on the Thai Baht

The Baht, initially a unit of weight used to measure precious metals, evolved over time to become the official currency of Thailand. The currency has undergone various changes in terms of coins, notes, and values throughout its history.

How to Type the Thai Baht Symbol Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Alt Codes

  • On Windows: Hold down the Alt key and type 0,3,6,3 on the numeric keypad, then release the Alt key.
  • For HTML coding: Use the numeric entity ฿.

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Thai Baht Symbol