Github supports emoji symbols, with short-code instead of special characters. :heart_eyes: equivalent to . Just hover to display the short code, click to copy the shortcode.There are lots of web sites support this type of short-code: Github, Basecamp, Slack, Trello, Hackpad, Qiita, Zendesk, Ello.

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People symbols

smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyessmiling face with open mouthgrinning facesmiling face with smiling eyeswhite smiling facewinking facesmiling face with heart-shaped eyesface throwing a kisskissing face with closed eyeskissing facekissing face with smiling eyesface with stuck-out tongue and winking eyeface with stuck-out tongue and tightly-closed eyesface with stuck-out tongueflushed facegrinning face with smiling eyespensive facerelieved faceunamused facedisappointed facepersevering facecrying faceface with tears of joyloudly crying facesleepy facedisappointed but relieved faceface with open mouth and cold sweatsmiling face with open mouth and cold sweatface with cold sweatweary facetired facefearful faceface screaming in fearangry facepouting faceface with look of triumphconfounded facesmiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyesface savouring delicious foodface with medical masksmiling face with sunglassessleeping facedizzy faceastonished faceworried facefrowning face with open mouthanguished facesmiling face with hornsimpface with open mouthgrimacing faceneutral faceconfused facehushed faceface without mouthsmiling face with halosmirking faceexpressionless faceman with gua pi maoman with turbanpolice officerconstruction workerguardsmanbabyboygirlmanwomanolder manolder womanperson with blond hairbaby angelprincesssmiling cat face with open mouthgrinning cat face with smiling eyessmiling cat face with heart-shaped eyeskissing cat face with closed eyescat face with wry smileweary cat facecrying cat facecat face with tears of joypouting cat facejapanese ogrejapanese goblinsee-no-evil monkeyhear-no-evil monkeyspeak-no-evil monkeyskullextraterrestrial alienpile of poofiresparklesglowing stardizzy symbolcollision symbolanger symbolsplashing sweat symboldropletsleeping symboldash symboleareyesnosetonguemouththumbs up signthumbs down signok hand signfisted hand signraised fistvictory handwaving hand signraised handopen hands signwhite up pointing backhand indexwhite down pointing backhand indexwhite right pointing backhand indexwhite left pointing backhand indexperson raising both hands in celebrationperson with folded handswhite up pointing indexclapping hands signflexed bicepspedestrianrunnerdancerman and woman holding handsfamilytwo men holding handstwo women holding handskisscouple with heartwoman with bunny earsface with ok gestureface with no good gestureinformation desk personhappy person raising one handface massagehaircutnail polishbride with veilperson with pouting faceperson frowningperson bowing deeplytop hatcrownwomans hatathletic shoemans shoewomans sandalhigh-heeled shoewomans bootst-shirtnecktiewomans clothesdressrunning shirt with sashjeanskimonobikinibriefcasehandbagpouchpurseeyeglassesribbonclosed umbrellalipstickyellow heartblue heartpurple heartgreen heartheavy black heartbroken heartgrowing heartbeating hearttwo heartssparkling heartrevolving heartsheart with arrowlove letterkiss markringgem stonebust in silhouettebusts in silhouettespeech balloonfootprintsthought balloonbowtiefeelsgoodfinnadiefugoberserkgodmodehurtrealbadmetalneckbeardoctocatrage1rage2rage3rage4shipitsquirrelsuspecttrollface

Nature Symbols

dog facewolf facecat facemouse facehamster facerabbit facefrog facetiger facekoalabear facepig facepig nosecow faceboarmonkey facemonkeyhorse facesheepelephantpanda facepenguinbirdbaby chickfront-facing baby chickhatching chickchickensnaketurtlebughoneybeeantlady beetlesnailoctopusspiral shelltropical fishfishdolphinspouting whalewhalecowramratwater buffalotigerrabbitdragonhorsegoatroosterdogpigmouseoxdragon faceblowfishcrocodilebactrian cameldromedary camelleopardcatpoodlepaw printsbouquetcherry blossomtulipfour leaf cloverrosesunflowerhibiscusmaple leafleaf fluttering in windfallen leafherbear of ricemushroomcactuspalm treeevergreen treedeciduous treechestnutseedlingblossomglobe with meridianssun with facefull moon with facenew moon with facenew moon symbolwaxing crescent moon symbolfirst quarter moon symbolwaxing gibbous moon symbolfull moon symbolwaning gibbous moon symbollast quarter moon symbolwaning crescent moon symbollast quarter moon with facefirst quarter moon with facecrescent moonearth globe europe-africaearth globe americasearth globe asia-australiavolcanomilky wayshooting starwhite medium starblack sun with rayssun behind cloudcloudhigh voltage signumbrella with rain dropssnowflakesnowman without snowcyclonefoggyrainbowwater wave

Object Symbol

pine decorationheart with ribbonjapanese dollsschool satchelgraduation capcarp streamerfireworksfirework sparklerwind chimemoon viewing ceremonyjack-o-lanternghostfather christmaschristmas treewrapped presenttanabata treeparty popperconfetti ballballooncrossed flagscrystal ballmovie cameracameravideo cameravideocassetteoptical discdvdminidiscfloppy diskpersonal computermobile phoneblack telephonetelephone receiverpagerfax machinesatellite antennatelevisionradiospeaker with three sound wavesspeaker with one sound wavespeakerspeaker with cancellation strokebellbell with cancellation strokepublic address loudspeakercheering megaphonehourglass with flowing sandhourglassalarm clockwatchopen locklocklock with ink penclosed lock with keykeyright-pointing magnifying glasselectric light bulbelectric torchhigh brightness symbollow brightness symbolelectric plugbatteryleft-pointing magnifying glassbathtubbathshowertoiletwrenchnut and bolthammerdoorsmoking symbolbombpistolhochopillsyringemoney bagbanknote with yen signbanknote with dollar signbanknote with pound signbanknote with euro signcredit cardmoney with wingsmobile phone with rightwards arrow at lefte-mail symbolinbox trayoutbox trayenvelopeenvelope with downwards arrow aboveincoming envelopepostal hornclosed mailbox with raised flagclosed mailbox with lowered flagopen mailbox with raised flagopen mailbox with lowered flagpostboxpackagememopage facing uppage with curlbookmark tabsbar chartchart with upwards trendchart with downwards trendscrollclipboardcalendartear-off calendarcard indexfile folderopen file folderblack scissorspushpinpaperclipblack nibpencilstraight rulertriangular rulerclosed bookgreen bookblue bookorange booknotebooknotebook with decorative coverledgerbooksopen bookbookmarkname badgemicroscopetelescopenewspaperartist paletteclapper boardmicrophoneheadphonemusical scoremusical notemultiple musical notesmusical keyboardviolintrumpetsaxophoneguitaralien monstervideo gameplaying card black jokerflower playing cardsmahjong tile red dragongame diedirect hitamerican footballbasketball and hoopsoccer ballbaseballtennis racquet and ballbilliardsrugby footballbowlingflag in holemountain bicyclistbicyclistchequered flaghorse racingtrophyski and ski bootsnowboarderswimmersurferfishing pole and fishhot beverageteacup without handlesake bottle and cupbaby bottlebeer mugclinking beer mugscocktail glasstropical drinkwine glassfork and knifeslice of pizzahamburgerfrench friespoultry legmeat on bonespaghetticurry and ricefried shrimpbento boxsushifish cake with swirl designrice ballrice crackercooked ricesteaming bowlpot of foododendangocookingbreaddoughnutcustardsoft ice creamice creamshaved icebirthday cakeshortcakecookiechocolate barcandylollipophoney potred applegreen appletangerinelemoncherriesgrapeswatermelonstrawberrypeachmelonbananapearpineappleroasted sweet potatoauberginetomatoear of maize

Place symbols

house buildinghouse with gardenschooloffice buildingjapanese post officehospitalbankconvenience storelove hotelhotelweddingchurchdepartment storeeuropean post officesunset over buildingscityscape at duskjapanese castleeuropean castletentfactorytokyo towersilhouette of japanmount fujisunrise over mountainssunrisenight with starsstatue of libertybridge at nightcarousel horseferris wheelfountainroller coastershipsailboatspeedboatrowboatanchorrocketairplaneseathelicoptersteam locomotivetramstationmountain railwaytrainhigh-speed trainhigh-speed train with bullet noselight railmetromonorailtram carrailway cartrolleybusbusoncoming busrecreational vehicleoncoming automobileautomobiletaxioncoming taxiarticulated lorrydelivery truckpolice cars revolving lightpolice caroncoming police carfire engineambulanceminibusbicycleaerial tramwaysuspension railwaymountain cablewaytractorbarber polebus stopticketvertical traffic lighthorizontal traffic lightwarning signconstruction signjapanese symbol for beginnerfuel pumpizakaya lanternslot machinehot springsmoyaicircus tentperforming artsround pushpintriangular flag on postregional indicator symbol letters jpregional indicator symbol letters krregional indicator symbol letters deChina flagAmerican flagFrench flagSpanish flagItalian flagRussian flagBritish flag

Special symbols

keycap 1keycap 2keycap 3keycap 4keycap 5keycap 6keycap 7keycap 8keycap 9keycap 0keycap teninput symbol for numbershash keyinput symbol for symbolsupwards black arrowdownwards black arrowleftwards black arrowblack rightwards arrowinput symbol for latin capital lettersinput symbol for latin small lettersinput symbol for latin lettersnorth east arrownorth west arrowsouth east arrowsouth west arrowleft right arrowup down arrowanticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsblack left-pointing triangleblack right-pointing triangleup-pointing small red triangledown-pointing small red triangleleftwards arrow with hookrightwards arrow with hookinformation sourceblack left-pointing double triangleblack right-pointing double triangleblack up-pointing double triangleblack down-pointing double trianglearrow pointing rightwards then curving downwardsarrow pointing rightwards then curving upwardssquared oktwisted rightwards arrowsclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrowsclockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrows with circled one overlaysquared newsquared up with exclamation marksquared coolsquared freesquared ngantenna with barscinemasquared katakana kokosquared cjk unified ideograph-6307squared cjk unified ideograph-7a7asquared cjk unified ideograph-6e80squared cjk unified ideograph-5408squared cjk unified ideograph-7981circled ideograph advantagesquared cjk unified ideograph-5272squared cjk unified ideograph-55b6squared cjk unified ideograph-6709squared cjk unified ideograph-7121restroommens symbolwomens symbolbaby symbolwater closetpotable water symbolput litter in its place symbolnegative squared latin capital letter pwheelchair symbolno smoking symbolsquared cjk unified ideograph-6708squared cjk unified ideograph-7533squared katakana sacircled latin capital letter mpassport controlbaggage claimleft luggagecustomscircled ideograph acceptcircled ideograph secretcircled ideograph congratulationsquared clsquared sossquared idno entry signno one under eighteen symbolno mobile phonesdo not litter symbolnon-potable water symbolno bicyclesno pedestrianschildren crossingno entryeight spoked asterisksparklenegative squared cross markwhite heavy check markeight pointed black starheart decorationsquared vsvibration modemobile phone offnegative squared latin capital letter anegative squared latin capital letter bnegative squared abnegative squared latin capital letter odiamond shape with a dot insidedouble curly loopblack universal recycling symbolariestaurusgeminicancerleovirgolibrascorpiussagittariuscapricornaquariuspiscesophiuchussix pointed star with middle dotautomated teller machinechart with upwards trend and yen signheavy dollar signcurrency exchangecopyright signregistered signtrade mark signcross markdouble exclamation markexclamation question markheavy exclamation mark symbolblack question mark ornamentwhite exclamation mark ornamentwhite question mark ornamentheavy large circletop with upwards arrow aboveend with leftwards arrow aboveback with leftwards arrow aboveon with exclamation mark with left right arrow abovesoon with rightwards arrow aboveclockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsclock face twelve oclockclock face twelve-thirtyclock face one oclockclock face one-thirtyclock face two oclockclock face two-thirtyclock face three oclockclock face three-thirtyclock face four oclockclock face four-thirtyclock face five oclockclock face five-thirtyclock face six oclockclock face seven oclockclock face eight oclockclock face nine oclockclock face ten oclockclock face eleven oclockclock face six-thirtyclock face seven-thirtyclock face eight-thirtyclock face nine-thirtyclock face ten-thirtyclock face eleven-thirtyheavy multiplication xheavy plus signheavy minus signheavy division signblack spade suitblack heart suitblack club suitblack diamond suitwhite flowerhundred points symbolheavy check markballot box with checkradio buttonlink symbolcurly loopwavy dashpart alternation marktrident emblemblack medium squarewhite medium squareblack medium small squarewhite medium small squareblack small squarewhite small squareup-pointing red triangleblack square buttonwhite square buttonmedium black circlemedium white circlelarge red circlelarge blue circledown-pointing red trianglewhite large squareblack large squarelarge orange diamondlarge blue diamondsmall orange diamondsmall blue diamond