Arrow symbols in various directions, including turning signs, twisted arrows, dashed arrows, and wind direction symbols.
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Emoji Plain text Meaning Copy and Paste
Upwards black arrowCopy
Downwards black arrowCopy
Leftwards black arrowCopy
Black rightwards arrowCopy
North east arrowCopy
South east arrowCopy
South west arrowCopy
North west arrowCopy
Up down arrowCopy
Left right arrowCopy
🔀Twisted rightwards arrowsCopy
🔄Anticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsCopy
Rightwards arrow with hookCopy
Leftwards arrow with hookCopy
🔃Clockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsCopy
Arrow pointing rightwards then curving upwardsCopy
Arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwardsCopy
🔁Clockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrowsCopy
Black right-pointing triangleCopy
Black left-pointing triangleCopy
🔼Up-pointing small red triangleCopy
🔽Down-pointing small red triangleCopy
Black up-pointing double triangleCopy
Black down-pointing double triangleCopy
👆White up pointing backhand indexCopy
👇White down pointing backhand indexCopy
👈White left pointing backhand indexCopy
👉White right pointing backhand indexCopy

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