Arrow symbols in various directions, including turning signs, twisted arrows, dashed arrows, and wind direction symbols.
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Emoji Meaning Copy and Paste
⬆️Upwards black arrowCopy
⬇️Downwards black arrowCopy
⬅️Leftwards black arrowCopy
➡️Black rightwards arrowCopy
↗️North east arrowCopy
↘️South east arrowCopy
↙️South west arrowCopy
↖️North west arrowCopy
↕️Up down arrowCopy
↔️Left right arrowCopy
🔀Twisted rightwards arrowsCopy
🔄Anticlockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsCopy
↪️Rightwards arrow with hookCopy
↩️Leftwards arrow with hookCopy
🔃Clockwise downwards and upwards open circle arrowsCopy
⤴️Arrow pointing rightwards then curving upwardsCopy
⤵️Arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwardsCopy
🔁Clockwise rightwards and leftwards open circle arrowsCopy
▶️Black right-pointing triangleCopy
◀️Black left-pointing triangleCopy
🔼Up-pointing small red triangleCopy
🔽Down-pointing small red triangleCopy
Black up-pointing double triangleCopy
Black down-pointing double triangleCopy
👆White up pointing backhand indexCopy
👇White down pointing backhand indexCopy
👈White left pointing backhand indexCopy
👉White right pointing backhand indexCopy

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