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Emoji Plain text Meaning Copy and Paste
Black small squareCopy
Black medium small squareCopy
Black medium squareCopy
Black large squareCopy
🔸Small orange diamondCopy
🔹Small blue diamondCopy
🔶Large orange diamondCopy
Black diamond suitCopy
Heavy check markCopy
White heavy check markCopy
Ballot box with checkCopy
🔘Radio buttonCopy
🔴Large red circleCopy
🟠Orange circleCopy
🟢Green circleCopy
🔵Large blue circleCopy
🟣Purple circleCopy
🟤Brown circleCopy
Medium black circleCopy
Eight spoked asteriskCopy
💠Diamond shape with a dot insideCopy
Information sourceCopy
#⃣Number signCopy
*⃣Keycap asteriskCopy
Black rightwards arrowCopy
Warning signCopy
No entryCopy

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