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※ All symbols are unicode character, not image nor combined characters. But you can also combine them by yourself. ※
Text symbol Meaning Copy and Paste
· middle dot symbol
circled asterisk operator
white circle
dotted circle
circle with vertical fill
black circle
inverse bullet
white bullet
Hyphen Bullet
Black Leftwards Bullet
Black Rightwards Bullet
black diamond
white diamond
white diamond containing black small diamond
black star
white star
black square
white square
ballot box (checkbox)
ballot box with check
ballot box with x (square with cross)
check mark
heavy check mark
rotated heavy black heart. bullet point symbol.
rotated floral heart. bullet point symbol.
reversed rotated floral heart. bullet point symbol.
Wheel of Dharma, a symbol representing Buddhism
heavy four balloon-spoked asterisk
heavy asterisk
open centre asterisk
rightwards two headed arrow
rightwards arrow with tail
rightwards arrow from bar
rightwards arrow with loop
rightwards triple arrow
rightwards squiggle arrow
rightwards dashed arrow
rightwards white arrow
heavy rightwards arrow
drafting point rightwards arrow
heavy round-tipped rightwards arrow
triangle-headed rightwards arrow
heavy triangle-headed rightwards arrow
dashed triangle-headed rightwards arrow
heavy dashed triangle-headed rightwards arrow
black rightwards arrow
three-d top-lighted rightwards arrowhead
three-d bottom-lighted rightwards arrowhead
black rightwards arrowhead
heavy black curved downwards and rightwards arrow
heavy black curved upwards and rightwards arrow
squat black rightwards arrow
heavy concave-pointed black rightwards arrow
heavy upper right-shadowed white rightwards arrow
notched upper right-shadowed white rightwards arrow
circled heavy white rightwards arrow
white-feathered rightwards arrow
black-feathered rightwards arrow
heavy black-feathered rightwards arrow
wedge-tailed rightwards arrow
heavy wedge-tailed rightwards arrow
open-outlined rightwards arrow
rightwards arrow
rightwards open-headed arrow
rightwards double arrow
Triangular Bullet
black right-pointing triangle
white right-pointing triangle
black right-pointing small triangle
white right-pointing small triangle
black right-pointing pointer
white right-pointing pointer