ping test

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  • ping also called latency or jitter . It is using stream technology to test your network connection quality by the closest server.
  • Online game players and remote terminal workers need low latency of the network. This page provides a fair way to test your network status. Less than 50 ms is perfect, less than 100 ms is still alright, and greater than 300 ms is awful. If the line in the chart is stable, your network is stable. If the line in the chart is unstable, your network is not stable. You can also look at the mean and standard deviation.
  • 1000ms = 1 second
  • The test will stop if you are not watching it on this page. Since the browser has a built-in energy saver function, which will slow down the testing program to make the result incorrectly.
  • You don't need a command-line in the terminal. This page is a web app. You don't have to install the app or software.
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