Unit symbols

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μ greek letter MU
° degree (temperature or angle)
degree Celsius symbol
degree Fahrenheit symbol
symbol for microgram
symbol for milligram
symbol for kilogram
ounce sign
abbreviation of inch
symbol for nanometer (nanometre)
symbol for micrometer (micrometre)
symbol for millimeter (millimetre)
symbol for centimeter (centimetre)
symbol for kilometer (kilometre)
² superscript two
³ superscript three
alternative form of ml (milliliter)
alternative form of dl (deciliter)
alternative form of kl (kiloliter)
symbol for "cubic centimeter"
(chemistry, physics, date) alternative spelling of "MOLE".
(mathematics) logarithm
symbol for kilobyte
symbol for megabyte. Bachelor of Medicine degree
Abbreviation of gigabyte. Initialism of Great Britain.
abbreviation of calorie. abbreviation of caliber.
abbreviation of kilocalorie.
the symbol for hertz, a unit of frequency.
symbol for kilohertz
symbol for megahertz
symbol for gigahertz
symbol for kilowatt
(mathematics) natural logarithm; logarithm to the base e.
symbol for decibel
symbol for the lumen
symbol for millisecond
Abbreviation of radian. Abbreviation of radiator. Abbreviation of sight radius.
symbol for the candela
symbol for kilopascal
(chemistry) Measure of the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution, equal to the negative logarithm of the concentration of hydronium ions in molars.
prime (or minute mark)
double prime (or second mark)