Mu Symbol (Micro Sign)

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μ μ
Mu Symbol (Lowercase)
The lowercase mu symbol is widely used in fields like physics, engineering, and statistics to represent micro units or coefficients.
Mu Symbol (Uppercase)
The uppercase Mu is less common but can be found in various contexts such as in representing a specific population in statistics.
µ µ
Micro Sign
A variation of the lowercase mu symbol often used to denote micro units in science and engineering.

What is the Mu Symbol?

The Mu symbol, denoted as μ (lowercase), Μ (uppercase), and µ (MICRO SIGN), originates from the Greek alphabet. It is primarily used in various scientific and academic fields for different applications. The symbol has roots in ancient Greek culture and has found numerous roles in modern domains.

Original and Variations of the Mu Symbol

The Mu symbol has an original form as well as several variations. Below are these forms, presented in plain text for easy copying and pasting:

  • Original Symbols: μ, Μ, µ
  • Variations: 𝚳, 𝛍, 𝛭, 𝜇, 𝜧, 𝝁, 𝝡, 𝝻, 𝞛, 𝞵

Common Calculations Involving the Micro Sign (µ)

The Micro Sign (µ) often represents 'micro-', which is a unit prefix in the metric system that stands for 10-6.

  • Length: µm (micrometer) = 10-6 meters
  • Time: µs (microsecond) = 10-6 seconds
  • Mass: µg (microgram) = 10-6 grams
  • Capacitance: µF (microfarad) = 10-6 farads
  • Current: µA (microampere) = 10-6 amperes

How to Type the Mu Symbol Using Keyboard Shortcuts, Alt Codes, and LaTeX

  • Windows: Hold down the Alt key and type 230 (for lowercase) or 924 (for uppercase) on the numeric keypad, then release the Alt key.
  • Mac: For lowercase, press Option + m. For uppercase, you may need to use a special character menu or copy it from elsewhere.
  • Linux: Press Ctrl + Shift + u, then type 03bc (for lowercase) or 039c (for uppercase) and press Enter.
  • HTML: For lowercase, use μ; for uppercase, use Μ; and for MICRO SIGN, use µ.
  • LaTeX: For lowercase, use the command \mu. For uppercase, simply type M.

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Mu Symbol (Lowercase)Mu Symbol (Uppercase)Micro Sign