Per Ten Thousand Sign (Basis Point)

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Default Per Ten Thousand Symbol (Basis Point)
This is the standard symbol used to represent per ten thousand (1/10000) or basis points in various contexts, like finance, statistics, and mathematics.

What is the Per Ten Thousand Sign (Basis Point)?

The per ten thousand sign, represented as ‱, is used to denote parts per ten thousand, or 1/10000. In finance, it is commonly referred to as a basis point. For example, a change in interest rate could be 50‱, meaning 50 parts per ten thousand, or 50 out of 10000.

To understand this symbol better, it's useful to know how to convert these values into decimals or percentages. Use the following formulas:

Decimal Form = (Per Ten Thousand Value) / 10000

Percentage Form = (Per Ten Thousand Value) / 100

Conversion Table for Common Basis Points

Basis Points (‱) Decimal Form Percentage Form (%)
25‱ 0.0025 0.25%
50‱ 0.005 0.5%
100‱ 0.01 1%

Using and Understanding the Per Ten Thousand Sign (Basis Point) in Various Contexts

This sign is used in a straightforward way, directly following the number it modifies. Some common uses include a 25‱ change in interest rates in finance (equivalent to 0.25%) or a 10‱ decrease in unemployment rates in statistics (equivalent to 0.1%).

In the financial sector, the per ten thousand sign is often used to describe small changes in interest rates, currency exchange rates, and financial derivatives. These are commonly referred to as basis points. For example, consider a hypothetical situation where the Federal Reserve decides to change the interest rate. If the announcement states a 25‱ (basis point) increase, this means the rate will increase by 0.25%. For instance, if the current rate is 1%, it would be adjusted to 1.25%.

How to Type the Per Ten Thousand Sign (Basis Point) Using Keyboard Shortcuts and Alt Codes

  • On Windows: Hold down the Alt key and type 8241 on the numeric keypad, then release the Alt key.
  • On Mac: This symbol is not directly accessible through a simple keyboard shortcut on Mac systems. You can copy and paste it or use the Character Viewer to locate it.
  • For HTML coding: Use the numeric entity ‱.
  • In LaTeX: To typeset the per ten thousand symbol in LaTeX, you can use the \textpertenthousand command in text mode.

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Default Per Ten Thousand Symbol (Basis Point)