Triangle symbols

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※ All symbols are unicode character, not image nor combined characters. But you can also combine them by yourself. ※
Text symbol Meaning Copy and Paste
black up-pointing triangle
white up-pointing triangle
black up-pointing small triangle
white up-pointing small triangle
black right-pointing triangle
white right-pointing triangle
black right-pointing small triangle
white right-pointing small triangle
black right-pointing pointer
white right-pointing pointer
black down-pointing triangle
white down-pointing triangle
black down-pointing small triangle
white down-pointing small triangle
black left-pointing triangle
white left-pointing triangle
black left-pointing small triangle
white left-pointing small triangle
black left-pointing pointer
white left-pointing pointer
black lower right triangle
black lower left triangle
black upper left triangle
black upper right triangle
white up-pointing triangle with dot
up-pointing triangle with left half black
up-pointing triangle with right half black
upper left triangle
upper right triangle
lower left triangle
lower right triangle
nabla symbol
delta symbol
𓇮 thorn