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δ δ
Delta Symbol (Lowercase)
The lowercase delta symbol is often used in mathematics, physics, and engineering to signify a change or difference in a quantity.
Delta Symbol (Uppercase)
The uppercase Delta is used to indicate a change in a specific value or to represent the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.
Increment Symbol
Used to denote a finite change in a variable, especially in mathematical equations and physics.
Indicates vector differential operators, common in vector calculus.

What is the Delta Symbol?

The Delta symbol, represented as δ (lowercase) and Δ (uppercase), originates from the Greek alphabet where it is the fourth letter. This symbol has found applications in various scientific, engineering, and academic contexts. It primarily represents 'change' or 'difference' in these disciplines.

Original and Variations of the Delta Symbol

The Delta symbol has an original form as well as several variations. Below are these forms, presented in plain text for easy copying and pasting:

  • Original Symbols: , δ
  • Variations: , 𝚫, 𝛅, 𝛥, 𝛿, 𝜟, 𝜹, 𝝙, 𝝳, 𝞓, 𝞭

Applications of the Delta Symbol in Various Fields

The Delta symbol (δ, Δ) has diverse applications:

  • Mathematics: Often used to denote a difference or change in values. The lowercase δ is typically used.
  • Physics: Represents change in physical quantities or used in delta functions. Both δ and Δ can be used.
  • Engineering: Used to signify tolerances or variances in materials and processes. Lowercase δ is often used.
  • Chemistry: Indicates change in a chemical reaction. Here, the uppercase Δ is common.
  • Computer Science: Represents change in algorithms or data structures, usually in the form of lowercase δ.
  • Economics: Used to represent change in economic variables or models. Both δ and Δ are used.

How to Type the Delta Symbol Using Keyboard Shortcuts, Alt Codes, and LaTeX

  • Windows: Hold down the Alt key and type 235 (for lowercase) or 916 (for uppercase) on the numeric keypad, then release the Alt key.
  • Mac: Lowercase is usually not available via keyboard shortcut. For uppercase, use the special character menu or copy it from elsewhere.
  • Linux: Press Ctrl + Shift + u, then type 03b4 (for lowercase) or 0394 (for uppercase) and press Enter.
  • HTML: For lowercase use δ and for uppercase use Δ.
  • LaTeX: For lowercase, use the command \delta. For uppercase, simply type \Delta.

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Delta Symbol (Lowercase)Delta Symbol (Uppercase)Increment SymbolNabla