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γ γ
Gamma Symbol (Lowercase)
The lowercase gamma symbol is frequently used in mathematics and physics to represent a variety of constants and variables.
Gamma Symbol (Uppercase)
The uppercase Gamma is often used as a symbol for Gamma functions in mathematics, as well as in other scientific disciplines.

What is the Gamma Symbol?

The Gamma symbol, denoted as γ (lowercase) and Γ (uppercase), is the third letter of the Greek alphabet. It is widely used in various scientific and academic fields. The symbol has roots in ancient Greek culture and plays multiple roles in contemporary disciplines.

Original and Variations of the Gamma Symbol

The Gamma symbol has an original form as well as several variations. Below are these forms, presented in plain text for easy copying and pasting:

  • Original Symbols: γ, Γ
  • Small Letters, Superscript, or Subscript: , , , ˠ
  • Double-Struck: ,
  • Mathematical: 𝚪, 𝛄, 𝛤, 𝛾, 𝜞, 𝜸, 𝝘, 𝝲, 𝞒, 𝞬

Applications of the Gamma Symbol in Various Fields

The Gamma symbol (γ, Γ) has extensive applications across multiple disciplines:

  • Mathematics: Used in calculus and analytic functions, often represented by Γ for Gamma functions.
  • Physics: Represents the photon, the elementary particle of light, commonly denoted as γ.
  • Computer Science: Utilized in algorithms and also in gamma correction in digital imaging.
  • Engineering: Commonly used to signify specific material properties or phase angles, usually as γ.
  • Statistics: Appears in distributions like the gamma distribution, denoted usually by γ.
  • Chemistry: Used to signify specific energy states or conformations of molecules.
  • Biology: Denotes specific types of proteins and receptors.

How to Type the Gamma Symbol Using Keyboard Shortcuts, Alt Codes, and LaTeX

  • Windows: Hold down the Alt key and type 226 (for lowercase) or 915 (for uppercase) on the numeric keypad, then release the Alt key.
  • Mac: For lowercase, you often need to use the special character menu or copy it from elsewhere. For uppercase, it's similar.
  • Linux: Press Ctrl + Shift + u, then type 03b3 (for lowercase) or 0393 (for uppercase) and press Enter.
  • HTML: For lowercase use γ and for uppercase use Γ.
  • LaTeX: For lowercase, use the command \gamma. For uppercase, simply type \Gamma.

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Gamma Symbol (Lowercase)Gamma Symbol (Uppercase)